About Us



We specialise in providing languages services to companies, professionals and students. Our main objective is to provide a personalized and quality service.


Pedagogy, native and experienced teachers

 Classes, seminars and intensive courses, they´re dynamic, prepared, entertaining. We provide current and varied material

 Customer service, we strive to have a fluid communication with the student and the company in order to meet the needs and demands of each moment.

At Synergy Languages we strongly believe that working together is the key to success. Our business is designed to help you improve yourself through assisted learning by native professionals. Our objective is to give people the chance to enhance their lives and careers by developing their language skills and their ability to communicate in English either for the work environment or social situations.


Our Method

We offer a personalized method of study with courses measured to the student's needs and level.

 We do level tests prior to the start of the course

 We set objectives and program customized to the professional needs of the student or group

 We prepare dynamic classes combining general with business English, providing listening material, current article, specific material of the student´s business field, etc. 

We prepare: monthly attendance reports and bi-annual reports to provide feedback on the student´s progress

 We offer a free weekly service of exercises and listening via e-mail


Our Staff

We work with native teachers with accredited training and broad teaching experience in different companies and professional environments. We believe that the success of learning mostly depends on the pedagogy and student´s motivation. So, we only employ committed, dynamic, flexible and enthusiastic teachers.

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